Who are we?

Ahuzat Negev is a group of citizens of inhabitants the Negev who have a vision. This community has a social orientation and focuses in the public, social and the municipal deeds in order to lead to the essential change in the city of Ofakim in particular and in Negev in general. 

Most of the community's activities that had already been done,rose from the people foresight and were given in most cases free from charge. We are trying to locate needs also with Human and financial sources. Those who have the ability to growth in personal and in general way. Then we try to delineate them the resources, attention, thinking and refreshed forces. As time goes by many residents joining us and contribute from themselves in favor of the other and for the inspiration of change.   


David Ben Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister said: "In the Negev, the people of Israel will be examined". Today 63  years after the vision, and that all governments had difficulty because of the reality of realizing his dream, we Negev residents say out loud calls that we only we can take care of ourselves better, to draw the Vision into reality. Therefore we add extra small, but significant, making the vision acts more, with the expectation of event. Thus was born, after labor birth, discussions and the new vision that says: "Negev will be the examination, and they will be successful in all the issues"

The goals

Promoting projects and the Negev from good to excellent by residents of the Negev, using existing resources, contributions regardless of the political bound.  All the activities and projects become fully voluntary

The projects

Social projects, Community projects, Business Initiatives, Projects encouraging growth, Human capital development Personal empowerment, Encouraging construction Ouhatiishbuat, Social Responsibility.