Who we are?

Ahuzat Negev is a mixed community of secular, religious, young and adult citizens from all the Diaspora with the people of Ofakim and the Negev.

The members of the community and their families focus on activities in the community, participation in events, joint events, holidays, urban and community life, and community volunteering. The community has about 60 mixed families and operates four projects in the city:

1 . Bike City – a business, community and tourism project. A tourism project that includes hosting groups, activities, setting up bicycle tracks and hosting competitions

And bicycle festivals.

2. Center for Sustainability – Educational Ecological Project. Agricultural and ecological activities in the community garden and in the sustainability laboratory.

3. 'City Archives' – a historical community project that recounts the story of the city and its people and incorporates projects that deal with the city's narrative, such as: a website, a television channel and in the future a municipal museum.

4. Active Community – The community's families are formed around identity and action for themselves, such as: consolidation, culture basket, holidays, trips and fun. In addition, the community operates volunteers in the city in frameworks such as: Emergency Action Team (HCH), Shabbat in urban culture, training and courses in culture, society and education.


our vision :

A local community that is strong and empowering, works and volunteers, creates and operates institutional, community and business services providing services in the city of Ofakim

Socially oriented, who serves as an external supplier of government institutions and local authorities, with the desire to develop the city and its residents and improve its image.